My Crysis Demo Mod v1.0 + v1.1 update


In old forum there is topic called "My Crysis Demo Mod v1.0 + v1.1 update", it is very old and the download links are broken.

I was wondering if someone still got that mod? I am a game demo collector and I have a lot demo versions of old games, mods are not common for demo versions of games, but this one sounds so great. Specifically I want that mod that brings helicopter to crysis sp demo. Thats why I want to download that mod or if someone knows how to bring helicopter to crysis sp demo ?

Re: My Crysis Demo Mod v1.0 + v1.1 update

thanks - I am checking - will get back to you
... if it cannot be found - do you just want a helicopter flying around the demo (island.cry level) or do you want it to attack the player, drop reinforcements etc ...?
and do you want this packaged to run like the demo or could it just load in console with 'load mapname' ?

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Please check out this video. Like in that video, I want to get into helicopter and fly it around/shoot rockets at people. Loading with console or not does not matter, important thing for me is to keep download size as little as possible. My internet is very expensive. Would be good to have it as add-on to crysis demo. For example, extract some 50mb zip in crysis demo folder. Something like that.

By the way: in that video the uploader seems to be lying. There is no hidden helicopter in crysis demo. I have been on that hill, there is no helicopter. Or is there a hidden something that I dont know ?

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I don't think he is lying. He probably means the Helicopter that flies by when you get onto the beach. It is on that hill he described in the island.cry file of the demo. When the player hits the water he enters an areatrigger called watersplash. That triggers the Helicopter to fly along "Heli_Path" and when done it gets disabled (vanishes). Either the flowgraph did not trigger in his demo version or he disabled it in some way by console command or -devmode ... I don't know. It does not look as if you could avoid the areatrigger shape because you fall right into it ... when you play the demo, does that helicopter fly by when you are on the beach? around when prophet resets your hud ...
looking at the youtube video again - he gets into the heli at a different location - and there is no pilot ... so maybe he recorded after setting everything up and landing at that spot in his video ... or its a glitch - his take off spot is close to the heli_path - I really don't know. You can open up the sandbox, put a heli somewhere in the island.cry file and then load that map with the console - I think that would work, lemme check ...

haha - works fine - I put it on the beach right at the start and it flies - I followed the patrol heli but I then get shot down by a missile from one of the ships - maybe it works putting it further inland and picking it up later in the game ...
you could try opening the sandbox that came with the demo - open the island.cry file - find the heli that is on the hill to the right of where you get out of the water - select it - Ctrl-C to copy then move the view to where you want to pick it up while still having the copy selected - click on the move icon (four arrows) and the follow terrain icon and then Ctrl-Shift click where you want the heli. Save and then export to engine. done. Launch the demo, hit tilde to bring up the console, type con_restricted 0
then type map island
play and find your helicopter

I really think you should do that - mod your demo :) - here is the manual for the sandbox2 : ... nual.xhtml
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