Правила использования бесплатного контента

Здравствуйте, я очень плохо читаю по английски (даже с переводчиком) и по этому я хотел бы узнать у вас о правилах использования CryEngine5.
1. На каких условиях я могу пользоваться бесплатными моделями в "MarketPlace" ?
2. "Серьёзные" и "Военные" игры какого рода имеются в виду в соглашении?
3. Если мой проект станет приносить много прибыли, что с этого будут иметь разработчики движка CryEngine? и как оно вообще будет происходить?
Заранее благодарю за ответы.

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Hello, I very badly read in English (even with an interpreter) and for this I would like to hear from you about the rules of using CryEngine5.
1. On what terms can I use free models in "MarketPlace"?
2. "Serious" and "Military" games of what kind are meant in the agreement?
3. If my project will bring a lot of profit, what will the developers of the CryEngine engine have? and how will it happen at all?
  In advance I thank for answers.

Re: Правила использования бесплатного контента


As this is an English forum we ask that you change your title to English as per the forum rules, having translations in your topic post is OK though.

Regarding your questions:

1) Assets in the marketplace provide the license terms required to use these assets.
- Example 1: Community License is shown in the description.
- Example 2: CRYENGINE Assets also show the license in the description.

2) Serious and Military games would be a project that has the purpose to train players for real life jobs or tasks such as a doctor, or to train real life soldiers for combat.

3) For more information regarding royalties, please refer to our Licensing FAQ.

Hope this answers your questions. :)
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