I would like information and help about the shape of a game on the CryEngine 5 game engine (very urgent) please help !!!

I've just started a cry engine and I'm going to play computer for the first time in my life, what I want to learn from you is related to the game making technique. We can make a clear world strategy, action, adventure game, but with space in the game map - that is, in the cryengine 5 engine, we can create maps in certain dimensions in the perspective area, I add the same perspective to a specific space map, I want to make a planet that is the master map of the game. When I publish the game, I want the players who play the game to walk away from the planet, depending on the scenario scenario or their wishes, and to be able to enter the planet in the same way. How can I do this in the CryEngine 5 game engine. PLEASE HELP.
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