[GUIDE] How to contact CRYENGINE Official Support Channels

Welcome to the official CRYENGINE Community.

Take a seat, participate in discussions, do some networking, have fun!
And if you need help with CRYENGINE or want to provide feedback, here's a list with all official outlets and how to reach us:


- Answer Hub is a place where you can find answers to your questions and suggest ideas & new features for CRYENGINE.


CRYENGINE Troubleshooting is an important place to check when you are having technical issues with the engine; especially installation or performance issues.
Please always make sure you checked this guide thoroughly before taking any further steps in contacting support!
90% of _all_issues_received are due to a problem described in this troubleshooting guide, so to save time, you can go through it and identify important bottlenecks by yourself and fix them right away. If going through that list and execute the troubleshooting steps mentioned doesn't fix your problem, then you have important information to share with our Customer Support that will help us help you faster.



If you are having simple questions about how to do a thing in CRYENGINE, we suggest our Answer Hub space. The same goes for actual technical issues; e.g. when technical limitations keep you from doing a thing, this is the right place to turn to. Don't report engine bugs on answer Hub, though! We are having additional options for that further below.


Our Support engineers are checking this board regularly to help you with your questions and provide Answers. But that's not all! It's also a community hub where everyone can answer your question - so make sure you check it out and help others as well to score some points. For answering other users questions and being up-voted by the community, you gather points! Once you score 25 points, you can access the voting system for CRYENGINE Ideas and up-vote the next great feature for our engineers to work on.
For more info on votes and suggestions, see 'Ideas' below.



The Ideas Space on CRYENGINE Answer Hub is the right place to make suggestions for feature implementation and development of the engine as well as tutorial requests.
  1. Chose 'Post an idea' from the dropdown next to 'Create' on answer Hub.

  2. Create an Idea and post it.

  3. Check your idea and other people's ideas on the board by sorting for 'Ideas'.

  4. Use your five Votes on the most interesting suggestions.

Our team is keeping taps on the ideas that are most wanted by the community and prioritizes their development.


Reporting CRYENGINE Issues & Build Feedback


Build Feedback
- where you can give feedback & report bugs for the latest CRYENGINE build

If you found a bug or are missing a feature in the latest CRYENGINE build, just head over to the Build Feedback forum and review this guide on how to post feedback; then create a new topic or reply to an existing one with your input. Our engineers are keeping an eye out for your suggestions and issues.


CRYENGINE Launcher: Issue Reporter
- report engine crashes and bugs directly from the launcher.

The issue reporter is a convenient way to let us know about problems where they arise. You can report a variety of issues there; including marketplace-, account- and billing issues, but when you are having trouble with the engine itself, the most convenient way to deal with them is the following:
  1. In your CRYENGINE launcher, click the gear icon in the top right corner.

  2. A dialogue window pops up.
  3. Chose Sandbox/Engine and enter your issue. Give as much information as possible; ideally, check this guide for a list.

  4. Make sure to tick the box for DxDiag to attach it. You don't need to do anything, as the tool will automatically generate and attach all documents needed.
  5. Leave the other boxes ticked as well to make sure our developers have all the information they need to identify and troubleshoot the problem!
  6. Add the Editor.log- and the Game.log-file manually. Here's a guide how to do so
  7. Click Submit. Done!
The bug report will be send directly to our engineers and be reviewed. You might not hear back from us, but if your issue is actually related to a problem in the engine, we will make sure to fix it in the future. Keep an eye out for release notes and hotfixes on our blog and official announcements on the forum!

Please note that actual engine requests for features etc. are not part of our free support line. All bugs entered via launcher will enter a queue and will be prioritized accordingly; if you need help fast and urgently, contact CRYENGINE Business for a bespoke solution,




GitHub Public Issue Tracker
- where you can report issues & bugs with the engine directly on GitHub.

Enter your issues with the engine / build directly on Github! We will review your request and directly forward it to our engineers. We will comment on the issue when we need more information and close it when it's resolved. Please make sure, as always, to give us all necessary information to evaluate your bug report; use this guide for starters.


GitHub Pull Requests
- Coming Soon. CRYENGINE Pull requests are being reworked right now.


CRYENGINE Web-Services: Forum-, Launcher-, Marketplace- & Account Support


Forum Support / FAQ
- troubleshoot and report forum issues.

You can report issues you are having with the CRYENGINE.com community forum directly in the respective sub-forum. Please study the FAQ first, as it has a lot of useful information about how to do and troubleshoot things. If you are having further questions and are unable to access the forum, please write an email to the admin. under crydev[at]crytek.com,


Website & Launcher Feedback
- report bugs and give general feedback about our web-services.

Feedback for the CRYENGINE launcher goes to our dedicated Launcher feedback forum or can be submitted via the Launcher itself through the Issue Reporter tool. Feedback for our website in general can be submitted here.


Marketplace Support
- find help when purchases fail or check-out issues happen.

When you run into issues with the CRYENGINE Marketplace, please check out our general Troubleshooting Guide first. In case that doesn't help and the issue still persists, please contact marketplace[at]cryengine.com for help. Feedback regarding our marketplace can be posted in the dedicated sub-forum, here.


CRYENGINE Account Support
- if you are unable to log into your CRYENGINE account, please contact our account support under: contact[at]cryengine.com

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