Spam countermeasures, Post limits and more

As you may have noticed, there has recently been a increased activity regarding spam topics created on the forum.
To counter this increased spam we have changed a few things regarding posting and registration.

Changes are as follows:

- New users with less than 5 posts are subject to Captcha checks.
- New users with less than 3 posts are held until approved by a moderator.

These measures are taken to battle periodic floods of spam we have seen on the forum during the past months. Additional measures are currently being taken but this is an interim solution that is promising and simply to apply from our end. This affects newly registered users and shouldn't impact the experience of any community member registered before May 14th - except for a reduction in disruptive posts. ;)

If you have any questions, comments or concerns please feel free to contact us via PM, or by email via contact[at]


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