Do you want a specific CRYENGINE 3 and Modding sub-forum/channel?

Total votes: 3 (30%)
Total votes: 3 (30%)
I don't care, I just wanted to see the poll results :p
Total votes: 4 (40%)
Total votes: 10

CRYENGINE 3 & Modding developer demographic check

Hi all,

as you know, we are going to deprecate the old CRYENGINE archive. If you don't know, please check the details here.

The community archive was mostly hosting CRYENGINE 3 and modding related topics, so we want to know if you would appreciate having your own section in the forum and on the CRYENGINE Discord.

If enough people want it, we will naturally comply and give you your own section, but as we do not support CE 3 officially anymore, this would have to be a community powered space. So there must be a decent number of votes for us to consider making this happen. We will check this forum and try to help as with any other CRYENGINE related topic, but our focus lies on CRYENGINE V.

If you guys are cool with that, we can absolutely give CRYENGINE 3 its own space so developers using the engine can help each other.

Additionally, I want to use the opportunity to remind everyone developing with CRYENGINE 3 and below to register your games, so we can consider helping you with your marketing efforts etc - we can only take care of your needs and cherish your great games if we know you exist. :)

Feel free to issue your questions, comments and concerns in this thread, too! We are looking forward to hearing your opinions.
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Re: CRYENGINE 3 & Modding developer demographic check

Absolutely YES! Community must have an ability to use whatever CryEngine version they want.

Fix everything you've done to CryWiki and Community filebase. You've got the backups, you may return the CryEngine 2 files back. Fix the community archive's attachments and links and move it to a separate subdomain as a CryEngine heritage. All the major companies do it. You can still find the Unreal Engine 3 docs and forums of Crysis 1-era on Epic's website, still active.

I would also add to that extent, that Crytek should release the CryEngine 2 source codes, with all the contents of Crysis Warhead's maps and resources for free. Or even better, release their remastered "Crysis 1 on CE3" with all the maps and fully working SDK. Same for Crysis 2 and Crysis 3. Because if it doesn't make any profits anymore, then what's a point of keeping it buried? Crytek couldn't have done a bigger mistake than dropping a modding support for their games after Crysis 2.

Re: CRYENGINE 3 & Modding developer demographic check

plus one
I mod with CE2 - a section for that and CE3 will find some traffic simply because the sandbox was such a unique tool to learn level design - unrivalled. Crytek made history with that. I second the request to make the crymod files/attachments available - all the images - the text is retrievable (if you have no time for that, I would be happy to go through the files and upload them to a space on the forum). I am working on a wiki where all that info on CE2 is going to be. It would be great if you revisit the decision to not include the warhead cry files - (official reason is that one could play that game for free via the level files in the sandbox editor of the wars SDK iirc). Maybe the publisher is not permitting this, then so be it. But please take a look - the Hungarians did such a cool job on those levels ...
I think a modding and legacy cryengine section is a good idea - no big deal putting up the space and see if the community powers it like you said.

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