How to improve the marketplace (Ideias)!

1-Hability to create drafts for already Submitted packages .

2-Habilty to be able to update assets/packages,That would make customer happier for buying in the marketplace,because for now they don´t know if they will have updates

3-Launcher to remember All data from Submission ,including photos,text (description) ,

4-Habilty for PayPal Payments to avoid fees from both parts.

5-Habilty for a reply system in the review Section (Only one reply for each review if possible ,to avoid the space to become a forum (or support ceneter )instead of a review space ).

6-Adding a better way to upload packages , so every time we upload and the package is declined you need to upload package again ,which is kind of boring.

7-Habilty to Download the packages that were created by you ,just like a customer would do, that would make the work of updating a package much easy.

8-Add a notification system for updating the customer for a update of a product ,when that same system is created of course.

9- Hability to add tags to marketplace items/assets.

10-Habilty to make sales for temporary periods of time


Re: How to improve the marketplace (Ideias)!

Just Working so users can use it would be good.
Even thats too much to ask of them
Yes, issue is annoying. I had to go elsewhere for some assets until I figured out that I can use 'Icognito/Private' window in the browser to actually complete the purchase. So I'd recommend you give it a shot in private window, log in there and there you should be able to get anything. Just saying :)

In regards to ideas, well, I totally agree improving usability would work for both sides so much better, as in current state it can be annoying.

To Crytek team - if you need some help in solving web related issues, let me know and I will be happy to help.
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Re: How to improve the marketplace (Ideias)!

Another thing is that at Unity + Unreal I manage to sell 4 or 5 assets / packages per day in each one and reach 500/700 per month .But in Cryengine I didn´t sell a single asset :)
And my assets are 5/5 at unity and unreal ...not a single bad review....
And the market is filled with stupid stuff ...

Only now people are posting good stuff excluding the bunch of vehicles that are flooding the market and I reckon that are free models from the internet --_--

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