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3ds max...there is posibillity for monthly subscription which means i can have license just as long i want.commercial license of course.i have iclone to and bought neuron perception for body animation.actually i am woking on a game trailer,a project which i want to put on kickstarter.animation and lipsync i will make in iclone,special effects in 3ds max and environment and cinematic in i understood i must have license for all software i question is (maybe you know) if i can import those effects (explosion...etc) in cryengine.lipsync and animation i know is working but that king of effects i dont know

Re: License

There was a system i think it was by nvidea the only problem with that will be licence and getting it to work with the cry engine.


Dive into the new particle editor and watch a tonne of tutorials for it make it how you want it to look.

It might be wise to also sell some models if you have time on a number of site to try and get back some of that money as a month isn't cheap.

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