Should We Need To Enter information For Free Assets?

Total votes: 4 (57%)
Total votes: 3 (43%)
Total votes: 7

Free Assets Should Need No Info

This is something I'm very annoyed with about the CryEngine Marketplace is that you must enter information (home, card, etc,.). I'm very annoyed with this because i would rather not give out personal information for something that is free. There is a poll vote No if you agree with me and vote Yes if you disagree with me. Note: This is only for free assets (wilderness pack, gamesdk, etc,.).

Re: Free Assets Should Need No Info

Hey there, let me chime in for a second. :)

Unfortunately, it won't be possible to release free assets without any information about the buyer in question via our marketplace. The reason for this is that by downloading the asset, you also agree to its license agreement, even when it's free. To be able to do that, we need your real name and address as well as your agreement. So in case somebody violates that agreement, the vendor in question has ways of following up. This is only to protect our vendors (and in some cases ourselves) from fraud or liability.

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