Re: Cannot checkout from Marketplace!

ButterKnife wrote:It isn't working for me. I tried clearing the cookies, different browsers, private browsing mode, loging out and back in, nothing works. I keep getting that empty error message.
I've checked, it is a JavaScript error. It expects data back from the server, but the server returns nothing back.

I've had this issue since last year. :(

I had this issue on all Browsers. The way i fixed it is I tried different ones. Once i got to google chrome, I found it had the same issue. I went to the advanced settings, and cleared everything (History, cache, etc). I tried and it worked. If it happened again, I repeat the clearing step.

Re: Cannot checkout from Marketplace!

I tried FireFox, Chrome and Edge. Multiple times. I cleared each browsers history, cookies... everything. I tried private / incognito mode. I tried logging in and out and back in. None of it worked. But as I said, the Javascript error I get is that it receives no data back from the server. More specifically it expects a redirect var from the server that it doesn't get. Which makes me think this isn't a browser / cookie thing, but that the problem is server side.

Re: Cannot checkout from Marketplace!

Okay, this is strange. In Firefox and Edge the server sends no response back. So it crashes on line 218 of the marketplace.js => if(typeof !== "undefined")
TypeError: is undefined. But in chrome I do get a response back from the server => {"status":1,"exception":null,"data":[]}. So no js error.
But the js only checks for:
if(typeof !== "undefined"){
} else if(typeof !== "undefined") {
} else if(typeof !== "undefined") {

data.redirect, data.error and data.html

but the response I get back from the servers' data parameter is an empty array, so none of the conditions is met and thus no code is further executed.

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