Re: Cannot checkout from Marketplace!

Our latest info is that it shouldn't be a browser issue, but we are working on the problem. Please send an email to marketplace[at] in case you cannot checkout OR download your assets from the marketplace. We will then help you get your assets and solve the issue. Your patience and understanding is appreciated.
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Re: Cannot checkout from Marketplace!

I'm having a similar problem, I'm trying to download the free SDK assets. I use Firefox.
After entering my personal details, when I click on Save/Continue it simply returns me to the details page every time. The details are correctly entered.
For the free assets, why not make them simple downloads that have nothing to do with the market place?

Re: Cannot checkout from Marketplace!

aerevos wrote:
My account is really old. I have been using it since 2011-2012. I will try to create a new one and then try again to checkout from the marketplace.

I don`t know if this is a solution for all but it seems people with older accounts have been experiencing this problem in the marketplace not been able to checkout with a blank error box
as with aerevos/gloukak. My old account was around same period when I had cryengine 3 sdk installed I think cry-nic is right about it not being a browser issue. I think aerevos/gloukak
suggestion of creating a new account is your best bet to solve the problem and I thank him or her for that.

gloukak wrote:
I am the same user from the previous post. It WORKED!!!!I.

yes it did THANK YOU !!!!!!!!

Marketplace tells me i "You have to agree with out Terms and Conditions"

What does this mean ?. when i go to un-check the box at the bottom when i want to check out of the Marketplace Shopping cart it says this "You have to agree with out Terms and Conditions" then i go and check it off again and says the exact same thing :( . what's the issue ?. is there a bug/Error in the Shopping cart ?.

Please if someone know's what is happening ?.

Thanks, Mike

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