[Asset][Sell] Weapon sound pack Volume 2

Hello guyz!

There is my second asset on the Marketplace! :)
I'm glad to announce the next release, follozing the next on: Weapon Sound Pack volume 2!
The volume 2 is following the same guideline as for volume 1, but with 6 new weapons!

There is an example of what you can do with this sound pack when it's used on real video games



Note: You can find all weapons separately in small pack on the Catastic Store!

It could be used as placeholders for your game because of the cheap price, or it can easily be used for final project because of the professional quality!

The package contains:
-246 sounds

-6 different weapons type: Pistol, Automatic, Revolver, Shotgun, Sniper, SMG
-Glock 17, M16, Colt Python, Spas-12, BarrettM82, MP5
-Shooting sound
-Shell casing sounds
-Handling sounds
-Reloading sound
-Aiming sounds
-Royalty free sounds.

I hope it will help you build your ambitious games/project!
And more packages to come!

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