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In the context of marketing, would it be in bad taste to upload a sample of your asset? Almost like a demo.
Maybe a fully compiled, very restricted, watered down version of your asset, but also still usable, and also include a link to the full asset, which is another upload of the same asset just with all the bells and whistles.
It may be a borderline scumbag move, and I know Cryengine likes to keep the marketplace nice and neat with good quality assets, so that's why I ask.

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Re: Samples on Cryengine Marketplace

I personally don't think that is a good idea for any of the 3 parties involved in this scenario (you, consumer, crytek).

Because for you:
Some demos may make it, some may not, due to "quality" control (if you put blurred texture as limit for ex)
Consumers may get confused as to why the asset is so restrictive, will be wary of full version, could affect user trust negatively etc
Most consumers will most likely side-step the demo thus making it mostly a waste of time (Most people buy instinctively using the description/visualisation of the full asset)
More support queries regarding demos themselves for you.

For Consumer:
May confuse your demo asset for your quality - skipping other/paid assets.

Bloat on marketplace with restricted assets (albeit free, but still licensed?)
Possibly more queries related to marketplace demos
Decisions on QA for demos

- I'm no expert no take what I say with a large bucket of salt :).

I think in general it is better to provide the demo in the marketing description you provide for your paid asset. This way people know all the information immediately.
You can even embed flash video into your marketplace asset to provide a good "Show and Tell" of the features of your asset.
Giving a demo is certainly not a bad idea, especially for something like a full game project for ex. But making demos takes time setting up these restrictions, deciding what stays and what goes, security for IP etc, it will be a headache for you and a headache for others if you go this route for every asset.

At the end of the day, most of the sales will be down to your marketing prowess. How well you can show off your assets to make people want to press that buy button. Of course, you still need to be accurate to grow your reputation and user trust. Having that single palce to show off your asset immediately, with the price (risk to consumer) available, and all features explained in full will let the consumer make a decision there, and you can be sure they have all the information they need.

I hope this doesn't seem like a rant on how to market your product or that I'm condescending at all, was an interesting question to me and was waiting while building the engine from scratch on an i5 for the 200th time xD. Just think a lot of the assets on marketplace are slapped up there with no thought about self-image/consumer marketing (not all).

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Re: Samples on Cryengine Marketplace

Hey Moose,

As uniflare says, this isn't a particularly good deal for any of the parties involved + people will most likely get confused about the workflow. So we can't recommend it. Most sellers on our Marketplace who have more conplex assets either add a Sketchfab link so people can review the asset (if it's 3D of course) and/or add a demo video. That's a good best practice, actually.
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