Sellers, how's it going?

Hello everyone!

It's been a while I've been wondering whether it's worth it to invest some time in this marketplace or not. Can't make up my mind, mostly because:

1. There's no information to rely on to determine whether some hard work would pay off or not.
2. There are quite some low quality products on the marketplace which makes people tend to not trust the content.
3. Products don't have enough exposure and visibility compared to some other online stores.
4. Very few people are using cryengine at the moment (compared to other engines), and the amount of purchases from the marketplace might be relatively low.

Those are my concerns before investing the time to produce anything. I think the best way to get some answers is by creating this thread here and letting you sellers cast your opinions. It's perfectly fine if you don't want to share your actual $$$ per month. I'm just wondering whether you guys are making zero, tens, hundreds or thousands (per month).

These are some samples of my work in UE4 and I'd be aiming to do similar things for Cryengine. Based on your sales, do you think there's a market here for these type of stuff?
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Re: Sellers, how's it going?

Hi Maximu-Dev,
good to see you here. I don't know how others but definitely there is place for high quality models / assets on the marketplace and despite how it may look like there are quite a lot of folks working in CE now. So imho it's worth to invest time into creating high quality assets. I agree that there are quite a lot lower quality assets on the marketplace, still good though for newcomers to the engine but definitely some folks working on bigger project could take advantage of your assets.
BTW it happens that I had a chance to read few of your posts on polycount while searching for CE assets for my projects. You have done nice peace of work - especially liked pine/redwood assets! So not sure how others but I would be definitely interested in some good quality pine assets if you're planning to sell them at some reasonable price here :) There are not many of them at all so definitely you could be first. There are some pretty good free trees assets (spruce, wilderness pack) and few great wild grass by users but still it's almost nothing comparing to other places.
Not sure whether it helps but perhaps you could treat smaller competition as an advantage :
Again, great work and hope you decide to go for CE marketplace - it would be superhelpful with some decent vegetation assets as many of us are single dev and assets are the main time killer.
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Re: Sellers, how's it going?

I have to second the fact that we need some great looking trees on the marketplace. I for one would be interested in some nice pines. There seem to be a lot of assets on the marketplace that are very overpriced though. So I guess as long as the price is fair, customers will appear. And seeing the scenes in polycount, there will be interest.

Re: Sellers, how's it going?

I would like to see more Trees added as well a Broken trees, mossy one and much more. I would also love to see any Buildings from houses, to small towns as well if you could. The trick is making them a decent price if you can, Or i have seen some free as well.

Maybe even some weapons. Does not seem to be many, as well as Characters, and clothing sets. hehe.


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