[Asset][Sell] Weapon sound pack Volume 1

Hello guyz!

There is my first asset on the Marketplace! :)
I'm glad to announce the release of the URL Weapon Sound Pack volume 1! ^_^


Note: You can find all weapons separately in small pack on the Catastic Store!

It could be used as placeholders for your game because of the cheap price, or it can easily be used for final project because of the professional quality!

This pack contains 6 different weapons type: Handgun, Revolver, Shotgun, sub-machine gun, Sniper, and Automatic.
You can find the Beretta 92, Ak-47, Revolver S&W Model 29, Shotgun Benelli M3, Sniper Arctic Warfare, Smg Uzi.
It contains more than a 200 sounds ready to be integrated:
Shoot, reload, bullet casing, handling, aiming, scope!

It's a good price for a great use!
I hope you will like it!

And don't forget, It's still possible to buy each guns in a separate small packages!
And more packages to come!
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