[Free] Asset pack from The Climb

Achieved with CRYENGINE, The Climb lets you scale new heights in VR and was the breakout hit on the Oculus store. We’re delighted to provide source content from the shipped game for free on CRYENGINE Marketplace so you can kit-bash out your own levels.
Assets range from beautiful waterfalls that graced scenes in the game to animals that were dressed into the background to bring levels alive. The waterfalls included are a special setup and you will be able to effectively tile and oscillate materials to provide realistic rolling rapids within your own scenes. This pack includes assets of all shapes and sizes which allow you to produce the exact level you desire.

Included in this pack

Hot Air Balloons

20+ Stylized Rocks

10 Foliage Assets

Overhanging Vegetation

Waterfall and River Kit

Assorted Distance Mountains (4 types)


Bridges and Distance Buildings

5+ Animal Characters w/ animations

This pack was previously provided as part of the Humble CRYENGINE Bundle 2018, where everyone who donated helped raising more then $60k for Extra Life for Kids, and we’re delighted to make them available to everyone for free now. You can find this asset pack, and more, over at CRYENGINE Marketplace. If you pick up an asset which makes the difference for you, don’t forget to leave a review. Working on something awesome? Let us know here, on Facebook, or Twitter.


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