Re: Cannot checkout from Marketplace!

cfree wrote:
sukovf wrote:saved&continued and a red box appears on top of that with no error message or any clue what's wrong. It just won't let me to continue.

For the guys with this issue on the checkout form, try to clean the browser cache and "buy" again... i have this problem some times and clean the cache always works.

Addendum: For Google Chrome users, using Guest- or Incognito mode also works.

We are still working on a fix, but this work-around should do the trick meanwhile. thank you for your patience and support.
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Re: Cannot checkout from Marketplace!


I just want the full project CRYENGINE GameSDK Sample Project, so I can fool around with the engine and get to know it but the marketplace does not want me to have it, it seems. Everything is filled in and I have tried Incognito mode on my latest chrome browser.

Please help...

Is there another way to get hold of these assets?

Re: Cannot checkout from Marketplace!

if chrome is your primary browser;
Install a fresh copy of firefox, importsnt: do not import any data from chrome or ie or anywhwre else.

if firefox is your main browser;
I suggest saving your data like saved passeords and other cached data as per firefox documentation.
then do the same as above, clean install with no import.

worked for me. I now have 0 issues with any part of the site with firefox.
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