Re: I don't think I've ever been able to update engine through the launcher :v

Hi there,

Firstly thanks for reporting this here, but may I ask if you have reported this via the launcher option "Gear Icon->Report an Issue"? This will allow us to collect further information such as launcher log files to help us identify problems such as these.

You may want to check permissions, is you windows account an administrator account?
Have you got UAC (Windows feature) enabled?
Do you have any firewalls active (windows or 3rd party)?
Do you have any anti virus installed?
Which version of windows are you using (Win 10/64bit)?

It may be that your firewall or anti virus configuration is blocking access from the launcher or the permissions are not adequate on your windows account.

If you continue to have problems please check the troubleshooting guide at and again, if you continue to have problems please email with details of the above and anything else you feel would be relevant.
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