Re: Build a project - .exe

Need to know a few things like how u made your game eg, using gamesdk/gamezero/one of the template projects?

Gamestartup is a gamesdk file. If you are not using gamesdk then you may want to make code changes to your project if you want pak encryption for ex.

Also to build a fully secure full release binary you need to build yourself using the github source code. Using Waf is the most stable in release atm.

Patsy also posted a neat packager python script to make things quick and easy. And in my beginner guides in my signature there is a mention on packaging your project for distribution using launcher or profile binaries.

Tbh if you are ready to release a game you need to know how secure you want it etc. More secure means more work obiously. Code changes are a must for a 'proper' release.

Good luck hf
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