Asset Download Slow

Hello, when i try to download the "GameSDK" Asset i only have a download speed of 4.9 mb/sec.
But with Steam etc. i have 25 mb/sec.

Somebody a idea why it is like this?

EDIT: Now its only downloading when the Launcher Window in open.

Re: Asset Download Slow

We only received one other report about this, but it's been looked into. Does anybody else have any issues? would help our guys to look into it to have more information on who is affected, what internet provider do you have, which country are you in etc.
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Re: Asset Download Slow

Note that if your paying for 25mb/s does not mean you will have that downloading from a server. The download speeds are based on the ping from you to the server its coming from. The further to go the slower it is.

I myself downloaded at 50mb/s and found no download issues.

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