Re: Launcher closes on its own after 5 seconds

Please make sure your system meets the minimum hardware requirements to run the engine on your computer.
You can view the latest system requirements on the CRYENGINE website:
​Please not that you need a 64bit operating system to run the software.

When installing the CRYENGINE Launcher we advise to:
Update Windows and GPU Driver Software

Install in the default location on the main hard drive (Usually C Drive)

Install with Administrator Privileges.

Disable any Anti-Virus that may be conflicting with the installation.

CRYENGINE and the surrounding software such as the CRYENGINE Launcher requires certain software to be installed to function correctly. Please make sure that:

Your Direct X version is up to date. For information on how to do this please check this page: ... of-directx

You have the correct Microsoft Visual C++ Runtime packages installed. We recommend installing the packages from 2015 upwards, in both x86 and x64 versions. ... -downloads

Your .NET Framework is installed properly and is up-to-date. You can get the latest version of the .NET Framework at

If you are on windows 7 be sure the following platform update is installed: ... 24fa6=True

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