CDN serving Seattle area has corrupted 5.6.5 download

The CDN serving the Seattle, Washington area has a corrupted version of the file ... 9b2be6ab00. This means that it is impossible to download v5.6.5 via the launcher if you are in the Seattle area unless you use a VPN.

The expected hash for this file is `d353c299119d2d827a7f9b10cc66069b2be6ab00`, but the actual hash you get is `fd9cd71462cb1aec572b6e7bddcb9a21200dc078`. I have verified this with the command `wget -O - ... 9b2be6ab00 | sha1sum`. Another friend who lives in the Seattle area also gets the same incorrect hash (`fd9c...`). However, someone downloading from Dallas, Texas gets the correct hash (`d353...`).

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