Infinite registering on cryengine

I've been trying to download cryengine 5.6.5, and it has downloaded as all the files for the launcher are in file explorer, but I am stuck where the engine will register infinitly. My ce- launcher log says:
CryEngine Launcher 1.10.6-4
Platform: win32 - v10.0.18363
Arch: ia32
Date: Thu Apr 23 2020 17:11:24 GMT-0400 (Eastern Daylight Time)
2020-04-23 17:11:24,631 DEBUG configure: starting up autoupdater
2020-04-23 17:11:24,687 DEBUG #Migrating WinRegistry to EngineDb
2020-04-23 17:11:24,956 DEBUG # nothing to migrate
2020-04-23 17:11:24,956 DEBUG #Finished Migration
2020-04-23 17:11:26,149 DEBUG #onlineStatus
2020-04-23 17:11:26,560 DEBUG verifyLogin: session validated
2020-04-23 17:11:29,633 DEBUG checkForUpdates: Checking for updates...
2020-04-23 17:11:29,882 DEBUG getClient: obtaining the client
2020-04-23 17:11:37,879 DEBUG getClient: obtaining the client
2020-04-23 17:11:37,879 DEBUG #verifyingEngineRegistry 5.6
2020-04-23 17:11:37,881 DEBUG $EVENT downloadQueue.enqueued
2020-04-23 17:11:41,513 DEBUG #executeCommand:
2020-04-23 17:11:42,374 ERROR [ undefined ]
2020-04-23 17:26:25,241 DEBUG #onlineStatus
2020-04-23 17:31:26,562 DEBUG #verify login
2020-04-23 17:31:27,083 DEBUG verifyLogin: session validated
Thanks for any help!

Re: Infinite registering on cryengine

Hi Pizzarush,

Are you still experiencing this problem?
Please let us know if you have success when running the CRYENGINE Launcher with administrative privileges.
Also, please make sure you are running a 64-bit CPU and operating system set to 64 bit. Currently CRYENGINE does not support 32 bit systems.
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