I can't download the CryEngine Game SKD SampleProect


I'm having this huge problem downloading this Asset with the CryEngine Launcher. I'm conected to internet with a good concetion(around 1.5 Mb/s) but hte download fails in randon places, usualy after the 1gb mark. So the download starts but it randomly stops and it never come back, and if it does it goes back it starts again at to the 550 mb (around that) but soon it stops again. I already tried several times to cancel it and start all over again but it never works. its really frustrating. I'm a architectural student and I want to use CryEngine for developing real-time architectural environments witch I tried Unreal Engine but it seemed to me slow, complicated, and limited in terms of importing models and applying textures, besides the UI its a huge mess compared to CryEngine more intuitive system. I will send some screenshots from the Launcher to help you with this problem. In any case, there is someway of downloading the Asset without the Laucher? By the way I tried with diferent assets and the problem still occurs but becomes minimal because the assets are much smaller compared to CryEngine Game SKD SampleProect.

Anyway thanks in advance for some help! and Congratulations on the Engine Itself it looks really promising and for what I want to do seams perfect!

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