CryEngine Launcher Setup Error - Corrupt

I am using the latest version (1.9) from here:

I do have a working ticket with and they are very responsive, but we've had no luck figuring it out yet after a few emails back and forth. Posting here hoping someone else might have seen it or know what's up.

Some details:
  • running Windows 10 Enterprise, all patches/updates current
  • DirectX is current
  • Visual C++ redist is current
  • .NET Framework is current
  • all keys and folders that may relate to CryEngine (such as

    Code: Select all


    Code: Select all

    C:\Users[your Username]\AppData\Local\CRYENGINE_Launcher
    ) have been verified as nonexistent
  • this system has never had CryEngine installed on it
Install error log:


Re: CryEngine Launcher Setup Error - Corrupt

the link of googre drive have a error 404
Oh it is my fault and I'm so sorry about the mistake.Did you try again to install launcher?Corrupt setup files means some kind of a program is affected to the setup file during reading it.In my case you can try
1.Completely disable your antivirus guard to until restart the pc option
2..Clean your temp files using 3rd party software like ccleaner
3.Download the launcher in another pc and burn it into cd disk and try on your system by giving run as admin privileges.
Sometime the problem will be solved.
If this doesn't work try to install the launcher in another pc for make sure what is the problem exactly.
Vishwajith Weerasinghe

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