Re: "Unable to parse cryengine file"

Could you zip up the following files and attach it to this topic?
- ce-launcher.log (C:\Users[your username]\AppData\Local\CRYENGINE_Launcher)
- dxdiag.txt (run C:\Windows\System32\dxdiag.exe and click on "Save All Information...")
- plugin.log (C:\ProgramData\GFACE)
- editor.log (Engine's root directory)
- your .cryproject file.

You can also send those files directly to us via the CRYENGINE Launcher
click top right corner on the cog, followed by "Report an issue" the files will be
attached automatically. (except the .cryproject file)

If I had to guess it might be because of non utf-8 characters, the files
should tell us more.

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