Re: Goggle indexed pages for old forum.Whoopsy

Sorry for the confusion I meant "hard" links like from guides or tutorials mentioning other topics, don't actually know why I wrote 'docs' lol. (answers/ideas/old forum topic links, quite possibly some links provided by yourselves in video descriptions/official guides and tutorials etc).

I see a lot of google links being refreshed that's great for people coming from google :).
Other links though "from" guides or other "hard" links (market place descriptions/blogs/tweets etc etc) to the old forum content will all still have to be changed manually by the user or the author.


If you wanna go the full 9 yards hehe, you could even load the old archive direct with a blocking popup (one time minimise to lower screen/cant be removed, only minimised) mentioning that the current forum is read-only and offering some alternatives and suggestions from the new and old forum based on keywords and topic text etc xD.


I have noticed a couple broken links on docs unrelated to this issue though. For example: ... Id=1310814
"Mapping Animation Assets" links are broken. They simply reload the page whereas they should point to (i'm assuming): ... ion+Assets

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