Make it obvious.

As you see, I've marked somethings in the picture. In original documentation, there is nothing like this.
Crytek, you should be more specific like how i did. I mean, you say: "You can set it from code/somewhere". But you don't say how we can set it/how we can call the signals.
It's not that hard to guess that signals can be set/called from code.
But, it's hard to find an usage example. So, you add it.
You can add it like how i did. You can do it either in another page or in the same page.
I hope, i was clear.
Please, be more obvious, more clear.
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Re: Documentation Feedback

Thread renamed. Please be a bit more specific about what your topic is about next time! Even more specific than I was, please, ;p but as this forum is for Website issues in general, one important distinction is that you are requesting changes to the docs.

I created a new collective thread for docs issues now, that you can find here.
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