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My friend and i want to make a simply game. So there is just one problem, we have no programm or something to work together, we tried to use dropbox (i sent him my map and he dragged it into his or something like this i dont know what he actually did, then it did not even start...) So my Question is, does anyone know a programm or something like that to work together????

Re: Need Help

Something like Git LFS will help with larger files like assets. Generally you would want to get into version control where you can merge assets and changes. Working on the same level will be difficult but as suggested on the forums previously one method is to separate the level into different layers, these could be different areas of the map. This still however will cause issues as you will need to manually import the other layer and copy and missing or new assets from the other user into a main level file.

Regarding transferring files to another user, this is between you and the other user - there should be no issues if the setup is correct and the same as yours as far as assets go.
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