Re: You market place checkout is still bronken

I checkout just fine now so obviously its not broken. its a cache issue. Log out then log back in or run in incoqnito / private browsing mode. Works fine here

/Moved to Website.
Lavizh, as much as it can be used and worked for me as well when I used private window I still believe it can be problematic for people. It still should be fixed by Crytek, it means less business for both authors. Being dev myself and having online stores with digital goods and seeing others it would be unacceptable to keep the issue going on for that long. Not trying to criticise Crytek, but simply think some people may be discouraged and in long terms it's harmful. This issue for the first time occurred with browsers updates good few months ago, but was in the same time caused by too hard caching on the server side of things. I'm quite surprised seeing that this hasn't been addressed properly as issue with answers and bad redirects still persists too. It may be just me - maybe I'm too demanding ;)
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