Re: Unable to signin Answers

Just noticed a similar issue - unsure if related to OPs problem, this is what I could ascertain;

Issue: Cannot access answer hub (, redirects to forum index.
Reproduce steps: Login using the main login portal (, try to access answer hub (
Workaround: Use the phpbb board built in login portal (forum login).
Cause: Unknown, login process must differ, perhaps mismatched session handling.

Also have the exact issue OP is talking about. after logging in the answers portal I get bounced between crytek homepage and answers page until my browser says no (redirects).

Cannot seem to interact with answers anymore, so cant give any help on there until it's fixed :).
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Re: Unable to signin Answers

Hey guys, we're still investigating this issue but it seems to be affecting only some accounts. Please send an email to contact[at] for help from the email address you registered with on for help if this is affecting you. Thanks!
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