Re: How to change my CRYENGINE.COM account password?

You can't, at least not yet for some reason. It's a missing feature again. Hopefully it's coming soon.
The crytek said to me 'You can of course change this password yourself via the profile page.' in temp PW email.
What a cool system!

Crytek, you don't prepared to sell CE, AGAIN.
Sell? CRYENGINE 5 is offered free of charge. It doesn't cost anything. Try contacting the web team to have the password changed in the meantime until the system is in place.

Re: How to change my CRYENGINE.COM account password?

As Lavi said, please contact contact[at] for help - ideally, use the same email address you registered with on and we'll help you asap.
I don't want to tell my own password to you. Why should I have to tell my password to any of human for changing it?
Have you seen any teller who asking your account password when went bank?

Why would you have to tell anybody your password? That's not how the workflow works. If anybody asked you about your current password during your conversation with customer support, please send me a PM with details.

No Crytek employee will ever ask you for your password.
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