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I looked at the updated roadmap. Conclusion! in the engine does not bring any rendering technology. Such technologies, which really affect the render, in the engine. For example, (Dynamic Environment Probes) that the technology really can touch. 5.3 and 5.4 will not introduce anything. Roadmap of research and development, has a number of interesting technologies (Dynamic Environment Probes, Node graph for Shaders, SpeedTree support etc.) so maybe you need to properly allocate and in every major update to add at least one such useful technology

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They are introducing useful technologies with every major update. CRYENGINE 5.4 will introduce Vulkan API, VR preview in Editor and Schematyc updates, these are big steps as well. Even a multithreaded renderer in Sandbox is coming with 5.4. The other tech was probably pushed back becouse it was needed and/or the team perhaps needed more time.

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VR absolutely nothing for me, as for most people who are not interested in VR,
Schematyc will renew for another year, and maybe more
Vulkan API and that it gives! increase in FPS is good, but!
All this does not help create one shaders better, more convenient to adjust the time of day etc. 5.3 was the same update in the rendering technology. It did not give anything to people interested in visualizing the scene in the engine

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Apart from fixing a few current issues (shadows, dynamic propes) the engine is pretty fine in the rendering department.
What IS needed are heavy workflow and usability improvements which are the focus of all these updates. And apart from things like a new material editor (on the roadmap) you can expect new secret tech the r&d department is working on to appear on that roadmap sooner or later.

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