Re: New forums and website updates!

I like the new forum too. It's just every page load takes 5-6 seconds.
I checked the console, and the first response takes usually 5sec, than loading the stylesheets / pictures / scripts are from cache/under a a few ms. So loading the forum board, and navigating to a topic takes at least 15sec. It really throws back the experience :( Wonder if it's just me or .. ? (Yes, every other website loads fast).
Yes, they are going to look into the slow loading times.

Re: New forums and website updates!

Cheers Lavizh, So.. I mean people groups teams, need to make a new thread on there content,game,level on new forum? and the old forum is now read only so cannot add to it? Just thinking of all those old threads and possible millions of GB all that stuff takes up Crytek needs host it all must cost a tonne of money - I personaly wouldnt mind if they just scrapped all old threads started whole fresh.. And as for old bug fixes ect the engine changed so much and alot old bugfixes ect now don't apply since changes fixes new versions of Engine include fixes..Also new documentation has ALL info you ever need !.. Get rid of Old Stuff Just delete it all! xd

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Re: New forums and website updates!

Nice :D I like it.
More user info on the left would be good, like in the Prosilver style
I agree.. that area is a bit bleak now...

other than that I do like the new forum, its an improvement, has better colors and styling.... I still feel like padding, sizing could be tweaked

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