New forums and website updates!

Hi Crytek! I just wanted to give you some feedback about your new forums and roadmap
- Nice design. I always preferred the grey and darker ones (example Photoshop)
- Now it feels more acessible - good job!
Also I waited for the updates of the roadmap and I can say that I´m quite excited!
I´m so much looking forward to the new material editor. I hope you have a stall at Gamescon this year so that I can meet some of you in person (and maybe play HUNT?) :)
Keep going guys!

P.S: Bought Ryse. It still looks better than most (AAA) games in 2016/17

Re: New forums and website updates!

It's a fresh start with a fresh forum. Everyone starts with 0 posts.
Just wanted ask about this 'fresh start', where is all game threads? and Art threads? and no likes for posts? I think is all good thing no more likeability contests which emerged from social media the whole 'like' system is become part global control + suppression good job going in different direction more concentration on content rather than popularity..

Regards -
Assimilated Reality's

Re: New forums and website updates!

I like the new forum too. It's just every page load takes 5-6 seconds.
I checked the console, and the first response takes usually 5sec, than loading the stylesheets / pictures / scripts are from cache/under a a few ms. So loading the forum board, and navigating to a topic takes at least 15sec. It really throws back the experience :( Wonder if it's just me or .. ? (Yes, every other website loads fast).

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