Clicking on links doesn't open new window.

I, being new, just noticed that clicking on a link someone posts doesn't open a new window (_blank) and therefore takes people away from the thread and forum. Not sure if you can change this but I think it's important to help keep people engaged on the forum and not floating away to YouTube or someplace else, that, and it can be a lot of back tracking to get back to the forum.

Rather than start a new thread I'll post another issue here:
Can't comment in Gallery on image posted this year. Using Opera on Mac. As an example this image/page: ... ge_id=3454
I can select the text in the text box (no comments yet) but when I type nothing happens.
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Re: Clicking on links doesn't open new window.

Hey there,

The gallery is read only at the moment and unfortunately will stay this way until we have a new gallery solution. Earlier this year we migrated the forum and gallery database over to a new server and the gallery database has been damaged due to an error. We recovered about 60% of the images and contents, but decided that we are not going to revive the gallery at this point.

So you can't comment or upload new pictures on the gallery right now - it's part of the read-only community archive as it's still arched to the old forum's structure.

We know the gallery was a well loved and frequently used feature here and we are looking into options for an alternative that might be even better, but for now. all gallery activities are on hold. We encourage people to open showcase Threads instead in the respective forum so others can comment and discuss their work.
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