[GUIDE] How to Write a Collaboration Request

Are you looking for talent but you can't pay anything, yet? Are you looking for input on your project or like-minded souls to help you flesh out an idea, pet- or charity project? Then this is the right forum for you.

If you are looking to hire a professional and offer money and benefits in return, please go to the Job-Offers forum instead.

The following is a guide on how to structure your offer and what detail to give to attract more people to help with your cause. Everybody is terribly busy nowadays and people are more likely to consider your offer when they know what's going on.


Important! All collaboration requests should have the following information:

Topic title:
Should include JOB TITLE and LOCATION.

WHO is offering the job? Are you hiring for a Team? Tell us something about you.
WHERE is the job? Repeat your location and additional options (e.g. remote work) if applicable.
Is this a ORIGINAL or FAN project?
DURATION - how long are you going to need help with this?
JOB DESCRIPTION - a task list with key responsibilities.
QUALIFICATION - a list with required qualification & experience for the job.
DETAILS - link a [ur=viewforum.php?f=43l]CRYENGINE showcase thread[/url] or other information about the project people would be working on.

CONTACT DETAILS - always add contact details / means for interested volunteers. This is a public forum space, so be wary of spam; but give people some way to contact you like 'write me a pm' or something.

Collaboration requests that lack this amount of information might be deleted without further notice.
If you need more help or ideas how to write a job description, please check out the Crytek career pages.
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