Programmer/Animator/GameDesigner [Free] [GER]

I'm searching for a German Programmer, Animator or whatever for a FPS or Medievel RolePlay Game. I can't pay anything because i deosn't had that money to pay someone. If this game is Puplic you get a proportion of the Money.

---- moderation note: this topic has been moved to the COLLABORATIONS forum as it's obviously about a pro bono request for help, and not an actual job offer.--- nic

Re: Programmer/Animator/GameDesigner [Free] [GER]

Hey there,

this post was in the wrong forum, so I fixed that for you.

My advice is that you read our rules on how to post job offers and collaboration requests because it is

a) not very likely to attract talent if you don't give much info about your request, so these rules are there to help you succeed.
b) it's disrespectful and annoying for professionals who are looking for paid work to stumble over pro bono requests that aren't marked properly.

At least you put it in the headline, but it was still in the wrong forum.

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