Blackhawk Productions: Looking for a C++ / C# coder/scripter

I am Giancarlo, the Owner of Blackhawk Productions LLC, a new up and coming game development company. We are currently looking for a coder/scripter who can code in C++ and/or C#. Said coder/scripter must be okay with being paid a cut of the final products revenue. As of right now, we don't have enough money to pay you on a per project basis or even a weekly wage. We just need you to help us make games for either the App Apptore and Playstore or even Steam and other PC game platforms. Please contact me and we will fill you in with any information. If you do contact us please be ready to supply examples of your work. Examples could include first person, third person character, W A S D movement, touch responses, buttons. Thank you and good day

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