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Hey there! I am doing a careers project and one of the requirements is to interview a person in the career field that I am interested in going in. With Game development and programming being a career that I am interested in going into, I figured that I would post the interview questions here in the forum as there are a number of developers here. This is purely for educational research purposes and will not be published. Here are the questions:
1. How did you decide to choose _____ as your career? Who motivated you to enter this profession? What external and internal influences helped you with this decision?
2. Was your choice planned in stages or steps or was it the result of unexpected developments?
3. What challenges or obstacles, if any, did you have to overcome to reach your goal?
4. What changes and trends have affected and are affecting this field? How?
5. What education and/or training are required for your present job?
6. What steps did you have to take to obtain your present job?
7. What are the tasks and responsibilities of your present job?
8. What are the most stimulating and challenging aspects of your job as well as the most frustrating aspects?
9. What skills and personal qualities are required to be successful in this kind of work? What skills/experiences from your leisure activities help you in this career?
10. What is the starting salary and the average salary for this field?
11. What are the opportunities for advancement in this field? What is the outlook for jobs in this field now and in the future?
I would greatly appreciate it if someone was to be able to reply to this and take some time to answer my questions and thank you so much in advance.

Re: Looking for person to interview

Hey there!

Good initiative, but would you mind telling us a bit more about the career project you are working on? Is this for a kind of school? A government funded project or a personal project?

When asking a lot of personal questions like these, it helps to establish trust by being very transparent and open about the purpose of your interview. Maybe if you can provide some more clearance around this, people will be more willing to help out. :) I would, but I am not a game designer or a programmer, so that won't help you, I guess.
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