Re: dev team seeking more members

Hello everyone,

Please note Diaceth asked me to post this.

We are currently working on a Project a First person shooter WW2 and we need some extra people to help out. We are currently a small team of active members working hard on the project.

If you are interested then PM us or leave a message here and let us know, then we can sort out a chat.
If you are interested then you would need to show examples of work in Cry engine and anything else that is related to your chosen role.
You may be given a task to do so we can check your skills.

The team is currently recruiting new members in these categories. 3D Modeller is currently required the most.

-Level Design-
Be able to create interesting levels/scene/areas
Understand textures

-3D Modeller-
Be able to make nice looking assets for games
Understand the workflow for game models like high to low models

Program Systems for entities
Program Gameplay elements
Good knowledge of component system
Experience coding for Cryengine

-Sound Designer-
Create music
Create sounds for environments
Create sound for weapons and explosions

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