Advanced vehicle physics and map creation for off road game

Im looking for somebody who is able to cheaply integrate/port/create advanced vehicle physics for off road game on the level of Edys's vehicle physics from Unity or similar one plus further I need somebody who can created beautiful and realistic map for the game that should consist of single movable vehicle with advanced physics and already existing visual assets to cut the costs of development and such small/simple but high quality prototype will be used for crowd funding campaign to raise funds for further development so if successful then this could turn into long term fully paid job for you.

My role in the project would be take care of financing, marketing, monetization etc. simply entire business side of the project to asure its success and to avoid end up as another ambitious but unsuccessful project as most indie projects end up cause their business side inexperience. In the past I have worked successfuly in subside/funding business so I have experience how to get funding and get things done but now I want to move and bring my experience to my passion what is video games where Im taking interest already for six years in game development and I have played games since mid 80's .

Re: Advanced vehicle physics and map creation for off road game

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