Looking for people for Dystopian FPS

Hi everybody I am searching for everybody who can help my with game (Artist , 3D modelers and musicians)
Game will be FPS in robots controlled world
Here is some story :
You will be awakened from crypod by sirens.
And after that you will get emergency message that says : "If you get this message it means that humanity as we know it, is on the bring of collapse".
Then seconds after messsage ends someone kick a door and smoke covers whole room you will be blinded and you will hear two men voices discussing that if it was necessarily.
You will again see just after they loaded you in helicopter you will see whole city. Then just before one of men try talking to you , alarms will triggered and you will see anti air misles flying and one of them hits helicopter
While falling in helicopter, men will give you a gun and stick injection with some blue liquid into you , and tell you that you have to go to Liberty Square and find sign covered in blood and there will be someone waiting for him
Then you will wake up in river flow will take you to the sewers but just as stream will take you you will see police cars and police men´s looking down from bridge .
Then you will discover sewers full of humans bones and you will have to fight big rats and after that you will climb out just in Liberty Square and there a men will take you to backstreet and thought secret hole behind propagand poster saying " Future today" and realistic looking robot
Behind hole will be secret underground shelter from cold war. There will be other people explaining you that they are mostly what remained of humanity and people
They will told you that In year 2054 robots were indistinguishable from humans and that in 2071 they were granted humans rights. And that they were secretly connected one server and one human were controlling them all and tried an uprising to take power but AI killed him and replaced him with indistinguishable robot. And humans begin to secretly disappear until robots got voted to be presidents and humans have to go in hiding and only that blue liquid is only thing that can fool robots to see human as robot

Contact me on gmail: henrikn.sk@gmail.com or dicord Henri #2948

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