Environment Artist

Hi. Me and my schoolmate are working on first person horror adventure and we are looking for talented environment artists, that are able to work for free. I understand, that it's not really atractive, to work on some game for free, but if were more interested, have free time and enthusiasm for it, I can provide further informations.

Re: Environment Artist

We are working on this project about 2 years. We have a basic story plot concept of game mechanics. Yes, we are only 2 guys. We need environment artist for complete developing levels or scenes according to the storyline, but we don't have any concept arts of the locations, so the artist would have almost complete freedom to make a level as he wants. If someone is interested, I can provide further informations about storyline.

Re: Environment Artist

This is levels I have created so far. Mainly we have been working on the story. Image Image That levels are WIP, so it's not completed yet. That's why it looks how it looks. My experience with level design in CryEngine is not so big, that's why we are looking for environment artist.

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