Re: Do you need concept art? @ Miguel Nogueira

boas miguel

se algum dia estiveres a trabalhar num projecto e precisares de um sound designer para a tua equipa é só apitar. fica com o meu email: selfdeterminedhermit [at] gmail [dot] com. já agora, tens aqui o meu número de telemóvel, para o caso de às vezes fazer falta: +351934446355
I'll let you know if that happens! :) Will keep you in mind
If you happen to be in need of concept art, feel free to reach out! I've been having extra free time off work hours and I could devote it to another project.
I'm on GMT timezone (London/Lisbon) +0.
Hi Migeul,
whats your rate please? (PM if possible).
Will PM you shortly.

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