Blend Shapes

I am here just to show a simple setup I did for my character using some joints (eyes, and a few other areas)
but on the cheeks, libs it's a all morph/blend shape on,

first I show it on 3ds max. then I go to cryengine on the end.
on the basic idea. I have the UI controls. that control the joints rotation and position and also the morph modifier values. and also I have the helper folloing the morph modifier on the X Posive.
it was kinda complicated to use a biped with this. becase I was doing a strange position to the Y values. but I fixed using some tools inside of 3ds max

Anyway. I can use blend shape inside of the engine with the 3ds max controlers. I hope soon it will be possible to use Wrinkle Map inside of cryengine (I say that becase maybe is not possible for now :v even with a file ( character) created from zero, or even the file that is possible to get from the docs. is not working. anyway maybe I am doing someting wrong :v lol for now I am ok with blend shapes.
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