AAA quality artist looking for sound design work

- in late 2018 i did some work of an indie german sound design studio
- the aesthetics of the game were quite similar to destruction derby
- at the time I did some sound fx, consisting most of car engine sounds
- at the time I did some music sound design, consisting both of a techno track
- furthermore i did a track combining hollywood blockbuster aesthetics, with heavy metal
after a short break and releasing myself from tension:
- I did a couple practicing in sound design
- I made some improments and i tried a few things within overall sound design and game development
here are a couple assets you should check:
- ... -eemLP-yws
- ... qdVU5rVQfM
at the moment i am starving for work. if you or an affiliate studios of yours is looking for work please let me know and please get in touch
looking forward
kind regards

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