Searchin around in or in the near of Berlin!

Hi, my name is Oliver or for those FighterGX, I'm 33 years old and I'm a game designer, my profession is writing the GDD, maybe some points of interests in the TDD, but i can do some 3D Modelling and i could do produce music!

I'm waitng for my first INDIEGOGO CAMPAIGN. I'm hoping it will come to an positive end! If this campaign is fully funded, everybody of the member's get payd! I know its a bit risky, but lets tryout!
You are an advanced talent, but not a rookie? Students are welcome, if they are in the last year of studying!
Fresh new poeple, who can speak German and English and they are minimum 18 years old!
Send me a privat maessage, with your little map of 10 things you did the last time!

Game Description:
This Game is a Martial Art Simulation.
Weather system affects your character, too. Weaponaries are included in Design Document, but not decided if i include this, or maybe later in a DLC.

Intergrated systems:
  • Character Creation System
    Combo System
    Level up System
    Hitting System
    Fluid System, to get blood effects
The goal is to create a Simulation, where u can create ur own fighter/character and train ur character in the training room to get stronger, aso!
If u have more questions, let me know in the comments!

GameEngine: Cryengine 5.4/5.5 but i think starting with Cryengine 5.5, because of timing of the Campaign!

  • 3x 3D Artists
    2x 2D Artists (Concept & Texture Artist)
    2x Coder & Scripter
    1x Community Artists
    1x Webdesigner & Administrator
    1x Google Service Manager for Analytics
Graphics i want to achieve:
  • Clothings can be changed and effects with weather simulation, as well as fluids like rain, so clothings get wet and have a much heavier weight so your characters punches or kicks are heavier to handle in the first section of the game, later on if u get stronger it doesn't infect your punches or kicks anymore or less!
Example wise!
Image My Hardware Spec:

AMD FX 6300+
2*8 GB RAM DDR 3 2400
2* Radeon R9 270x Crossfired
128, 256 & 512 GB SSD's

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