Hello, We are currently a Startup Digital development company we are currently offering online services and are in development of a software management system and also a First person multiplayer sci-fi shooter originally were going to develop the game ourselves independently however as being a startup it is very hard for us to hire and create a working space for our developers and also pay for other costs so we're looking into another service like outsourcing we found that it was a cheaper option in the short term but still costs us too much for long term. So we are currently looking for a partnership or Team Up to create our multiplayer game we are open to the concept and digital art and core developers like programmers, technical artists etc that can put all the 3D assets together. Currently, we only have written design (input needed for development) and some early character concept art. We are looking to partner with a company that can cover one or both of these services we will market, advertise, create websites, SEO, apps for the game we will also offer our service free of charge. We will be releasing the game on PC, Xbox, PS4 and will be looking into VR modes we will be creating a prototype or pre- alpha to be marketed to the public either for early building of community or for crowdfunding if we crowd fund 75% of all funds raised will go towards the developers or partner/s and with the final release having permanent royalty share of up to 50%
More about the game, the game is a multiplayer fast paced tactical sci-fi class based first person shooter that will involve dynamic and changing environments and customisable Armour and weapons to suit each class or situation (classes is a key point) we will also be looking into tactical vehicle combat later in the game our prototype will start with 2 classes for each faction so all up 4 with each having 2 weapon and 1-2 equipment piece then we will have 1 core game mode possibly 2, 1 environment and around 16 vs 16 players. The prototype will most likely be marketed and advertised to private and public companies none of this in set in stone so we are open to more options and ideas from people and studios if you are interested or would like more information please let us know by contacting or commenting or even go to our website ( UNDER CONSTRUCTION so may be messy.


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