Cryengine modeler, texturer and animator - Brazil ( but could be done at home office anywhere)

I am staring a company (Loki's Rim), and I am producing my own first game.
This is more a conceptual work than a mass commercial product.
The headquarter is located in Brasilia, Brazil, but the job could perfectly be done at home office.
This is a contract position.
JOB DESCRIPTION - modeling, texturing and animation of 5 complex non organic characters. (In a second phase , there will be scene elements, less complex).
The models must be delivered in Blender file format and in Cryengine format completely exported.
The tools for modeling, texturing and animating couyld be any but the final deliver must be in Blender format with Cryengine exported files.
The exported files must be fully functional with Cryengine 5.4/5.5
QUALIFICATION - experienced in Cryengine and high poly character (~200k poly) plus advanced materials and displacement maps.
DOCUMENT - required a resumé and samples of previous works.
Since It is a contract, the choice will be based on quality and price..

CONTACT DETAILS - e-mail and Skype:
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